Friday, 23 June 2017

SpElLiNg TaSks

Spelling words

This is my work about my spelling task and it is about the tasks I have been doing with my friend Wally-mei. He did the riddles and I did the hangman and the silly sentence.

Taku rakau

This blog post is about goals and it is good to know them so that you can do complete them easily and your report would be good.

Matariki celebration

Today I have been working on a presentation about matariki and what people do to celebrate it. I have learnt that you can carve things and play games with friends or eat food.

Monday, 19 June 2017


This is a whakatauki which means a quote and it is about learning what the quote means and what it means to you.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Te reo maori

This is a slide about learning Maori and translating it into english and I learnt a lot of interesting facts that I really liked about those food.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Today at technology I have learnt more about tools and how to work with the and what is the name of the tools. I have learnt that the saw that he has he sharpens it every day and the handle is going up, when you hold it you have to put your pinkie under the saw handle. The reason why you have to do that is because if the saw is not straight then you have to push down on it hard and it won't cut through. He did a demonstration of it and a boy named Siosifa was trying to push on the saw and it wouldn't cut and Sifa was pushing on it and the table was moving and the saw still wasn't cutting through. I thought that the table was light but then I was pushing on it and it wouldn't even move.

The other tool I was learning about was called a chisel. A chisel is something that you can use to smash things off with or you can just use for carving things. The chisel is very dangerous because it is sharp and at the end is ramp shaped. When you are walking around with it you have to be careful because if you walk around with it you could stab somebody and then they will get injured and that's not good because their injury and the bloody mess. So you will have to put your thumb on the top of the ramp shaped end of the chisel and when you smash into somebody they will get smashed by your thumb and not the chisel.

The other tool we were going to use was a hammer. The hammer is obviously dangerous cause if somebody is playing with it then they could smack it into somebody's head or other body part and they could die or be crying because the head of the hammer can be un attached